Saturday, 26 January 2013

Batik Painting Art Programmes!

It has been scientifically proven that students who take an interest and pursue art education, are provided with a good "solid foundation for their educational, emotional, social and creative development."
Here at Maya Gallery, we believe in our providing a platform for this development in individuals of all ages. One of the programmes we do offer here is the Batik Painting workshop.

To appreciate batik fully, one must understand the extreme intricacy of the process and the great patience, care and skill it demands. This course will equip students with in-depth knowledge about batik, its history, the processes involved in producing a batik art piece - which includes color blending, stretching, waxing, cracking, washing and drying. Each session lasts for 2 hours. Artworks produced will be a 15x15 inch wood stretcher and a 9.5x9.5 inch cotton on board. All students can take home their own batik art piece as a testimony of their new found skills!

Take the first step to help your child's creative development by letting them try their hands at Batik Painting. To have a taste of what the session will encompass, you can also drop by the gallery on Saturdays and have a chat with the batik master, Tumadi, himself.

See you at Maya Gallery soon!

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