Monday, 21 January 2013

Colourful Chaos - Bold textures. Robust Colours. Personal Stories.

The term ‘abstract’ tends to send a little chill down the spines of many.  It often does not “directly represent anything”[1]. Most abstract art do not focus on the literal, but provides the freedom for viewers to determine the subject of the work based on what they see and how they personally interpret the works through personal perspectives – be it through the brush strokes, the distorted imageries, shapes, size, color and even the exaggerated textures and forms that hint at the process of the work. This vast freedom of interpretation that is handed over to the viewer, could often intimidate one – for the lines between what could be the right or wrong meaning of a painting is greatly blurred, and in most cases, cease to exist in the first place.

Yet, at the end of the day, “art is an attempt to understand the meaning of our existence[2]”.  We do that on a daily basis, when we analyze the reasons for why we do what we do. The three women showcase their own attempts, to portray the different things that have been a part of their journeys as a woman and an artist. The works show strong references to their backgrounds – with Deusa Blumke’s burst of colors being inspired by her Brazilian heritage, and Valerie Ng’s earthy tones pointing us to her soft spot for nature. It is interesting to note the spontaneity of the brushstrokes that reflect the personal lives of the artists  - where all 3 artists had to leave the countries they were brought up in for various reasons, and start afresh as strangers in a strange land. Colourful Chaos highlights the artists’ ability to balance the frenzied textures on the works – be it as a reflection due to the unpredictability of having to move to another country, start anew in life or just traveling and discovering new things along the way – together with inviting and soothing colours that draws one in. The theme of constant movement and unpredictability is one that can be related to easily by viewers, in this society which is highly globalized and cosmopolitan.

Maya Gallery is proud to present Colourful Chaos as its first exhibition for 2013. It runs from January 22nd through 19th February 2013.

[1] The Intelligence of Vision : An Interview with Rudolf Arnheim, 2001 

[2] Valerie Ng, Interview with Maya Gallery, 18th January 

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