Thursday, 24 January 2013

Meet The Artist : Naz-Kaya Erdal

We had a chance to ask Naz Kaya what her story was - as a woman and an artist on a journey.
Here's what we found out.

After graduating, Naz started teaching as a design faculty at the University of Georgia, where she received her tenure and promotion and proceeded to move to Houston, Texas. There she started taking advanced painting classes at the Glassell School of Art. At the same time, she kept practicing at a major design and architectural firm in Houston. She began to showcase her artworks in juried exhibitions and did commissioned artworks in Houston.

From 2010 to 2012, due to her husband's job, as an expatriate she moved to Jakarta, Indonesia where she continued painting in her own studio. During her stay in Indonesia, she travelled around and engaged in different cultures in the Far East Asia. She became more aware of other cultures and was able to reflect those personal experiences and observations into her paintings. In October 2012, she had her first solo art exhibition - "Inspiration : Transition" in Jakarta. Her paintings received admiration from several art collectors throughout the world and became successful in building network of relationships in the art community.

Naz has had a strong passion for art since her childhood year. She's inspired by daily events and expresses her feelings on canvas - her creative outlet. In her paintings, it is easy to find the impact of her design background through the use of distinct geometry and colour composition. Her abstract style in using vivid colours and heavy textures is her unique way of illustrating her personal thoughts.

"Art is a form of visual communication," she says. "It's a visual communication, yet it affects all our senses. You can easily communicate this to your viewers and draw people's attention if you believe in what you do. I follow my instincts and my feelings."

To view some of Naz Kaya - Erdal's works, do drop by Colourful Chaos. Exhibition runs through 19th February.

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